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A guide for safely delivering tiered wedding cakes

If you are planning to bake your own wedding cake or are doing it for a loved one, the biggest task in the whole process is delivering it safely to the venue.

Whilst it is always better to trust this task to a professional who is equipped to safely transport it to the venue, in some cases you might be the one needing to complete this yourself! There are some professional cake makers who do not provide a delivery service and may require you to pick up the wedding cake from where it was made.

Whatever the reason, you should take all precautions possible when it comes to the delivery of a wedding cake. We suggest that you do some research before embarking on the journey to the venue as you do not want your cake to fall prey to gravity...

Here is our small guide to help you with a safe delivery:

If you are new to this, read all you can about the best stacking system for your multi tiered cakes. You can find a number of guides with detailed instructions on how to properly stack cake tiers and build a secure central dowel structure.

The base of the cake should be able to support the weight of the entire cake properly. Depending on the size of the cake and the number of tiers; you can go for cardboard, fibreboard or wood bases beneath the cake before moving it.

When possible it is always better to transport the cake before assembling it. Assembling the cake at the venue is the best way of ensuring its safety. If you are carrying the cake sections in separate boxes, never keep it on the back seat since these are not necessarily level and can shift and slide while in transit.

Before deciding on the design and size of your cake, firstly check that your vehicle has enough space to transport it, especially confirming if it will be partially or fully assembled.

Never arrive at the venue announced. Always make sure that you inform them of your arrival time so that the necessary arrangements can be made in advance for safe and correct storage. Some venues have a separate location for deliveries, best to check this and know in advance. Also deliver the cake at least 1.5 to 2 hours before the start time of the event, this may vary with venues. Finally, leave with plenty of time to ensure no rushing and risk of sudden braking.

At the venue always ask for a trolley or a table with wheels to take the cake inside. Also check out the entry route and doorways. Rocky and gravel paths may require some spare decorations to repair damages, if any.

As an added precaution take pictures at the venue of the properly delivered cake - if there are any issues later on because of mishandling by staff, you will not be blamed for it. It is always advisable to get a signature from an appointed person on the receiving end confirming safe delivery of the cake.

Keeping the above in mind you should have no problems delivering a cake for a special occasion!