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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake Shop in Berkshire

Having a delicious and elegant wedding cake is one of the many important things at a wedding. Deciding on the perfect cake is not just about sampling the flavours but involves some research and meticulous planning to make sure that the cake is perfect for you on your special day.
So, to assist with your planning, here are a few guidelines to get you started with the search for the right cake maker, which is the most important thing when choosing where to get your cake from.
It is always better to go for a cake baker whose work you have seen and tasted first hand. If you haven’t, you should ideally make a list of bakers available in your area. It is advisable to find a baker close to your wedding venue so that transport isn’t such an issue. An online search can also help you narrow down the list considerably.
Some bakers specialise in a particular style while there are those who offer a wider variety of options. It is always best to get all the information from potential bakers up front before going ahead. For instance, some may only make fondant cakes while there will be others who might do both fondant and buttercream options for you.
To get a better idea about which baker best fits with what you are looking for, you can check out their social media posts to get a better idea of their work. Also, read their online reviews and testimonials to get a better picture of how good their work is.
Ask questions and clear up any ambiguities before committing to anything. We suggest:
    •    Availability for the wedding date
    •    What exactly can be agreed within your budget
    •    Cake size, portions, the intricacy of decorations, etc.
    •    Any best before or use by dates.
    •    Ask for a portfolio of past wedding cakes
    •    Ask for references
    •    Delivery details
    •    Possibility of custom designs
Always meet in person to discuss the design details.
Arrange for a cake tasting session with your baker before finalising the flavours. You might want to find it in advance whether the tasting session is free or chargeable.
Once you have all the details agreed, make sure that you have a written agreement with your cake baker that includes all the fine details.
If you want to make your big day special, at Shepherd Delights we can create anything for you - from grand tiered wedding cakes to simple, elegant classics and we can also make some quirky alternatives for those who want a cake with a twist!
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