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Choosing the right wedding cake

White is the most favoured colour for a wedding cake and is the preferred choice for a more formal setting. While you can go for an unconventional colour of cake for a less formal affair, a conventional affair calls for a cake that is mainly white in colour.
Most of the bakers offer multiple flavour choices to accommodate the tastes and requirements of the couple. It is always better to choose a good combination of 2 or 3 maximum flavours rather than going for a flavour attack with multiple elements. Always choose a flavour that you love and will be something that will be appreciated by your guests too.
If you are a chocolate lover and looking for a classic white chocolate cake, there are quite a few flavour combinations that we can suggest for you.
Obviously there is the classic white chocolate cake with almond butter cream. For those who have a liking for fruity flavours can always combine it with fruit fillings like raspberry or strawberry fillings etc. Combining the sweet richness of white chocolate with the tartiness of the fruits sure makes a winning combination. The flavours can include the likes of fresh fruit jam of your choice, fruit cream or fresh fruit filling. This classic pairing is a refreshing and delicious take on the traditional chocolate flavoured cakes. For those inclined towards the caramel flavours can think of combining your favourite white chocolate with salted or normal caramel. You can also have any flavour of your choice with a white chocolate butter cream filling which is again one of the most favoured pair ups. You also have options like almond or a fruit cake with white chocolate buttercream.
These are just a few options from amongst the wide number of choices available. Combinations usually also depend on what the baker that you choose has to offer. If you have a particular combination in mind you can always discuss with your bakers and ask them to come up with a few combinations for tasting.
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