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Find Minnie mouse cupcakes at Shepherd Delights

Do you have a Disney princess in your home whose birthday party you would want to make all the more special?

Why not check out these adorable Minnie mouse cupcakes by Shephard Delights for your little girl’s party? Our version of the Minnie cupcakes is simple looking and will be enjoyed and loved by all ages.
Our Vanilla Cupcakes are infused with Vanilla Syrup, topped with Smooth Pink Vanilla Buttercream with Chocolate Button Minnie Mouse ears and bow. We can also customise these cupcakes for you as per your choice.
The classic flavours available all help make this a winning selection. And why only for the little ones? Why not your own party or get together? After all who doesn’t have a soft spot for the old yet all-time favourite cartoons? 
Get in touch with us for more details or visit us and see the full cupcake selection!