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Funny Novelty Cakes for Different Occasions

Some parties are simply made for fun and quirky cakes! In fact, novelty cakes can be the perfect party showstoppers that can be specifically commissioned to celebrate an occasion. 

The best part about all this is that novelty cakes can be designed to look as hilarious or elegant as the occasion demands. A well-themed cake can provide a unique party touch. For example, you could design a cake for a specific occasion that reflects the individual's likes or hobbies, for his or her special day.

At Shepherd Delights, we’ve created some of the quirkiest and most elegant cakes you can imagine. If you’re looking for something fun, just check out some of our imaginative designs.  

Our customised cakes are as much a treat for your eyes as your taste buds! All of them are occasion-oriented, designed to reflect individual preferences. 

Examples include rover cakes, football theme cakes, Barbie and princess cakes, Teletubbies cakes, Rubix cakes, Lego man cakes, paw patrol cakes and a whole lot more delicious stuff! Everyone of them bespoke and unique for the specific celebration in mind. To find out more about our novelty cakes, why not get in touch!

If you like something on the website, we can recreate something similar for you. Just give us an idea of the exact design you want and leave the rest to us. We can guarantee you a novelty cake like no other!