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How mouthwatering is this Cupcake Flower Bouquet?

Cupcakes in a box may be a thing of the past! If you see our cupcake bouquets, you will believe what we say!

Our cupcake bouquets are shaped to look like a traditional flower bouquet making an excellent gift for any occasion, be it a Birthday, Thank You or Congratulations gift! Not only are these a treat for your eyes but a mouthwatering treat for the taste buds too!

Our gorgeous cupcake flower bouquets come in different sizes, with 7 large cupcakes in our small bouquets. And if you plan to feed many people with these, the big bouquet of 19 large cupcakes makes a perfect choice. These delicious treats are infused with vanilla syrup and topped with buttercream flowers.

Available in various flavours and the colours that can be customised to suit your requirements. This is a great gift with the sentiment of flowers, yet also the uncompromised quality of our beautiful cupcakes.
Come and select yours now and surprise someone with something quite unique.