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Order a Harry Potter Themed Birthday Cake at Shepherd Delights

Who wouldn't like a Harry Potter Birthday Theme? Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was published in 1997 and the movie released in 2001. A total of 7 books and 8 films with the last film in 2011. This captures the imaginations and hearts of multiple generations of children and adults alike.

So, if you know a Harry Potter fan how about hosting an awesome Harry Potter Birthday Party full of some Hogwarts magic?

A delicious cake is essential for a Harry Potter theme - and at Shepherd Delights Cakes in Sandhurst, Berkshire, we have the perfect designs for you.

This Harry Potter cake design has been decorated to look like Harry's shirt with the cape around the back. With a Golden Snitch as the cake topper and is adorned with Harry Potter Glasses and a Wand. The board that comes with wood effect can have your personalised message written on it.

Then we have this simple Harry cake with some detailing. The famous HP logo sits on the front and this cake is topped with the Sorting Hat, Book Of Spells and a Wand. This cake also has a wood effect fondant covered board for a personalised message.

This attractive Harry Potter cake has a mix of two themes with the Sorting Hat sitting at the top and the HP and Gryffindor logos on either side. A clean and straightforward design.

For flavour, portion and size details browse through our website where you can also order and arrange delivery for the special day.