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Buttercream Roses Cake

Melt in the mouth, sweet buttercream always wins hearts and makes smiles at any function. We recently created this beautiful Buttercream Roses Cake which was a hit at the birthday party. This beautiful cake can be ordered and is covered with smooth, rich buttercream with the decorative beauty of buttercream roses covering the entire surface.

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Unique and personalised birthday cakes for adults

There is no reason not to have a fun themed birthday cake for adults for their birthdays or any other celebrations! Why restrict the theme cakes to kids alone? At Shepherd Delights we have created special cakes for teenagers and adults alike. These are often more indulgent than those for children! Check out some of the cakes we have created so far to give you an idea.

The only real limit is your imagination!

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Funny Novelty Cakes for Different Occasions

Some parties are simply made for fun and quirky cakes! In fact, novelty cakes can be the perfect party showstoppers that can be specifically commissioned to celebrate an occasion. 

The best part about all this is that novelty cakes can be designed to look as hilarious or elegant as the occasion demands. A well-themed cake can provide a unique party touch. For example, you could design a cake for a specific occasion that reflects the individual's likes or hobbies, for his or her special day.

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Fancy some pretty and edible flower cupcakes? Check out our creations!

Edible flower designs are pretty and enhance your desserts beautifully. And when these come in the form of cupcakes, you can serve little bites of utterly sumptuous goodness. 

At Shepherd Delights, amongst our many treats for the eyes and delicious cupcake options, we have floral cupcakes that look pretty and taste even better!

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Cake for a Football fan? Here are the options!

Looking for a cake for an ardent football fan? Take a look at our football themed birthday cakes. Here are examples of the designs that we have made for our football fans:
This Football Themed Cake is a perfect combination of all things football. It is a 10 x 8 Inch Cake which represents a Football Pitch, a Football, Football Boot, Scarf and Football T-shirt on top. This cake will serve around 30 people.

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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake Shop in Berkshire

Having a delicious and elegant wedding cake is one of the many important things at a wedding. Deciding on the perfect cake is not just about sampling the flavours but involves some research and meticulous planning to make sure that the cake is perfect for you on your special day.
So, to assist with your planning, here are a few guidelines to get you started with the search for the right cake maker, which is the most important thing when choosing where to get your cake from.

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Order a Harry Potter Themed Birthday Cake at Shepherd Delights

Who wouldn't like a Harry Potter Birthday Theme? Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was published in 1997 and the movie released in 2001. A total of 7 books and 8 films with the last film in 2011. This captures the imaginations and hearts of multiple generations of children and adults alike.

So, if you know a Harry Potter fan how about hosting an awesome Harry Potter Birthday Party full of some Hogwarts magic?

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Surprise your loved ones with our edible Bouquets!

Flower bouquets have been around for years and have always been popular. Then along came chocolate bouquets! These were also a hit and well-suited for a variety of occasions. The current favourites, however, are cupcake bouquets! They’re not only very pretty, totally unique and a lot fun, but also deliciously edible! 

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Explore Our Range of Best Shooting Themed Birthday Cakes

Looking to impress a shooting fan with a surprise birthday cake? We have just what you are looking for here at Shepherd Delights. Fix your sights on this Shooting themed cake that we recently created - the perfect yummy creation to accompany any gun owner’s birthday celebration. It could also be on the mark for shooting parties with friends and family.

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A guide for safely delivering tiered wedding cakes

If you are planning to bake your own wedding cake or are doing it for a loved one, the biggest task in the whole process is delivering it safely to the venue.

Whilst it is always better to trust this task to a professional who is equipped to safely transport it to the venue, in some cases you might be the one needing to complete this yourself! There are some professional cake makers who do not provide a delivery service and may require you to pick up the wedding cake from where it was made.

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Choose Personalised Picture Cake filled with Smooth Buttercream and Chocolate

Picture cakes are one of the most exciting choices for all kinds of occasions be it birthdays, anniversary or even graduation parties.
With so many celebration possibilities nowadays,  the personalised choice is the one that can add something really special as requires so much more thought. Photo cakes are one such option and also a favourite loved by many.

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How mouthwatering is this Cupcake Flower Bouquet?

Cupcakes in a box may be a thing of the past! If you see our cupcake bouquets, you will believe what we say!

Our cupcake bouquets are shaped to look like a traditional flower bouquet making an excellent gift for any occasion, be it a Birthday, Thank You or Congratulations gift! Not only are these a treat for your eyes but a mouthwatering treat for the taste buds too!

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Cake Portion Guide For Round and Square Cakes

As a host of a party, the last thing you want is to not have enough cake for all your guests!

Ascertaining the right quantity of cake for a party of a particular size can be a bit confusing. There are a number of factors that come into play while deciding the ideal amount, such as the number of people who will be attending and whether you have any other desserts being served. The size of your cake also depends on what size portions you intend to serve. If another dessert is a part of your menu, finger sized portions may be sufficient.

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Themed Birthday Cake Ideas

Themed birthday cakes are a very trendy highlight for all kinds of parties, be it small or big, no matter the age of the person or the occasion. Themed birthday cakes are the most common of all and are enjoyed by everyone. Themed cakes for children can include anything from their latest favourite cartoon character to princesses or superheroes. These childhood fantasies hold a magical place in their hearts, making their special days all the more memorable.

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Find Minnie mouse cupcakes at Shepherd Delights

Do you have a Disney princess in your home whose birthday party you would want to make all the more special?

Why not check out these adorable Minnie mouse cupcakes by Shephard Delights for your little girl’s party? Our version of the Minnie cupcakes is simple looking and will be enjoyed and loved by all ages.

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Choosing the right wedding cake

White is the most favoured colour for a wedding cake and is the preferred choice for a more formal setting. While you can go for an unconventional colour of cake for a less formal affair, a conventional affair calls for a cake that is mainly white in colour.

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Novelty cakes for your special occasions

 At Shephard Delights cakes in Sandhurst, Berkshire we can make all kinds of cakes and cake designs like tiered wedding cakes, themed birthday cakes, novelty cakes, cupcake wedding cake, edible picture cakes, simple elegant wedding cakes, baby shower cakes, hen party cakes, new born baby cakes and much more. 

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Birthday Cakes & Novelty Cakes – 16th July 2017

I was lucky enough to be a part of another wedding this month, I had the opportunity to create this gorgeous three tier Naked Wedding cake topped with Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries and Blackberries. These cakes are harder to create than they look, they are elegantly simple so there is minimal detail.

This cake can now be found in our 'Wedding Cake’ section, or click HERE to take you directly to this Wedding Cake.

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Chocolate Covered Oreos & Birthday Cakes – 20th June 2018

We have had another busy couple of weeks in the Bakery here in Sandhurst, Berkshire! How cute is this farm cake we got to create, this was a very last minute order but we were able to squeeze it in as I just couldn’t say no! This cake can now be found in our 'Birthday Cakes' - 'Cakes For Children' section, or click HERE to take you directly to this Birthday Cake.

World Cup football offer  ....  Why not get your order in while the world cup is on and enjoy an extra 10% of your order.

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Three Tier Wedding Cake

Morning everyone!

We have had a productive couple of weeks at the Bakery! We got the chance to create this wonderful wedding cake for a stunning Bride & Groom at the weekend. This three tier Vanilla cake was covered in ruffled buttercream and fresh flowers added for the finished look - which smelt amazing I might add! This can now be found in our 'Wedding Cakes' section of the website. For your wedding cake contact us whether you are looking for wedding cakes in Sandhurst, cakes in Berkshire or further away.

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Disney Princess Cupcakes & Iron Man cake

We recently had the pleasure of creating these Disney Princess cupcakes for a Disney themed Hen Party on the weekend - these cupcakes needed to travel all the way to Nottingham on the train so they had to be packaged carefully, therefore we supplied the colourful cupcakes and edible Princesses and the customer put them in when they got to their venue.

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Welcome To The New Website!

Welcome to our Shepherd Delights new website. Our website features the ability for you to see the cakes and treats we have made and allows you to purchase our yummy cakes, various treats or even greetings cards to go along with your special order.

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