Doughnut Buttercream Drip Cake

Item 1262

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This Doughnut Buttercream Chocolate Drip cake is yummy! Covered with Yellow, Green, Blue and White buttercream and Dripped with White Chocolate Ganache, this cake is the decorated and topped with Doughnuts, Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows, Coloured Chocolate Shards and Sprinkles. This cake was a personalised order and the Finance books can be changed to anything you would like! This one has a 'Sorry Your Leaving' topper on it which can be added to your order, these can be found in our 'More' section.

All our cakes are infused with Vanilla Syrup, filled with our Smooth Buttercream and covered with White or Milk Chocolate ganache unless your chosen cake is stated otherwise.

Please choose your desired flavour from the drop down menu, If you would like to discuss having a design in a smaller or larger size OR a different colour then please use the contact form so we can have a chat to discuss your order.

Names and Ages can be changed - please use the comment box at checkout to let us know what you would like written on the board, OR if you do not want any writing on the board please let us know at checkout too.

Take a look at our Cake Portion Guide, all our cakes are packaged in a box for safe delivery.

Some of our cakes may require internal supports to hold up various decorations, this will be stated on the packaging.     

Estimated Cake Portions: 24-48